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Sunday, 1 September 2019

Anxiety in children increasing

Recent research is showing that more children are suffering from anxiety. One wonders why this might be?

Some theorists down here are claiming it is the parents fault, and in particular mothers for not letting their kids be indepndent enough. They blame over-organised lives with too many activities and not enough down time.

This kind of argument will of course go round in circles as it is too easy to blame and lay it at the mother's feet. Really annoys me.
Personally I think those who have school refusal are not in the same category as those they are now labelling 'anxious'. I think school refusal students have quite severe issues coming from differing areas and reasons. School refusal is a mental health issue and not a case of the overly anxious child who frets about how they might perform in a test for example.

School Refusal seems to have gone under the radar again and be replaced by anxious kids who worry about their grades. If our kids could attend enough to get grades would be good!!

The positive thing out of this research, however, is that more resouces will be put into primary and secondary schools to help support these kids. And finally there might be help at the primary school level that we so desperately needed when my son was young. Getting help and of the right kind early, is vital.

Is this trend towards support something that is also happening in the UK? Are there more resources in the schools now than 5-10 years ago?

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