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Thursday, 25 October 2012

The Swedish Model

Writing in the Forum, Jorgen tells of his work with School Refusers in Sweden. He is the manager of a small operation specialized in getting students back to school, and has been running this small municipal group in a county just outside Stockholm since 2009.

He has managed to work out a model that works and brings this group of kids back to a life with education and a much more brighter future than they had before they joined the group. 

Jorgen writes: 'We are mainly working with kids in the age 13-15 which have been away from school for 1-6 years. When the home school feels that they have done everything in their power and when there is nothing more to try we are contacted by the principal and starts to work together. 

'We have a small group for education where we work with at the most eight students at the same time and where our plan is that the student shall go back to their home school as soon as possible. It usually takes ½-1 year before they have an opportunity to go back and meanwhile we work with both the standard subjects as in regular school but a big part lies in working with self confidence, well being and self awarness.'

Jorgen is now looking for similar similar groups outside Sweden for exchange of knowlege regarding school refusers.

You can contact him through the Forum.