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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Alternative resources

Keen to help anyone who needs support and advice, we think that some may find the Facebook environment suited to their needs.

Set up by Kay Mawson, who has appeared on UK TV, the site is closed, so offers some privacy, depending on users' privacy settings.

Kay is a mother of two children. She has experience of her son's condition but also of her daughter's... ADHD and her learning difficulties/troubles. She has a BSc Forensic Psychology Degree and MSc Forensic Psychology Degree. Currently she is working on a voluntary basis supporting offenders as well as supporting parents of school phobic children and pushing awareness.

The linked School Phobia, Refusal & Anxiety In Children website has some resources not covered here, and also offers a 'Guestbook' enabling parents and others to exchange views. There is also a link to Kay's TV appearance.

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  1. I have just been informed that there is a Facebook page for people in Northern Rivers, New South Wales