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Friday, 26 November 2010

School refusers/phobia conference

In the Forum, a suggestion has been made that a conference should be held to discuss school refusal.

A first step would be to clarify aims and objectives from the conference. But there are a number of other questions that need to be answered:
  • Who would come to the conference
  • What would the agenda be?
  • Do we want to educate schools and health professionals or
  • Do we want to help the parents?
  • Would parents be interested?
  • Would we even get health professionals interested?
  • Would it be an opportunity to get press awareness?
  • Would a conference be of interest?
  • and then of course, we have to look at the cost...How much would people be willing to pay?
  • Where should it be held? (London has been suggested)
  • Who would organise the event?
  • Where do we get the funding?
  • When? (September 2011 has been suggested)
What does everyone think? Your thoughts would be really appreciated...

There are two parents here who are definitely interested and maybe their daughter.

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