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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Encouraging signs of understanding? Maybe not!

I was really disappointed to jwud's entry in the Forum, if which he/she explains that their son was told he would receive detention if he was late for school again. However, Sue's response gave cause for hope.

Sue explained how she gave her name and details to one of the professionals involved at CAMHS so they could communicate, because she felt she was coming across as an over-protective mother. The Head of Year was very good, especially after she'd had a call from the professional, she ensured all who taught Sue's daughter were aware of her problems and not to put too much pressure on her during lessons etc.

Penny also told of a similar action she had taken, and the positive response she received.

But it would be wrong to say that all is now roses for Sue and Penny and their children. However, there does seem to be some sign of hope that things are improving in the way the authorities are supporting families with children.

I hope i have got this right!

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